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Striving to Educate and Inspire




Striving to educate and inspire...


We would like to take the time out to welcome you all to the Spring 2012

semester at the University of Florida. We hope that your experience on this

campus will be both memorable and successful. To help make your years at

the University of Florida a success, we would like to introduce you to the

Minority Business Society. 


The Minority Business Society is an interest group not limited to business

majors, but to all those who find that they may have an untapped interest

in business. Each semester, MBS schedules an array of speakers that shed

light on interviewing skills, internship opportunities and overall business

protocol. Most importantly, they reveal what the corporations are looking

for in recruits today. MBS also schedules socials to allow our members time

to interact with each other.


On this website, we have included the dates, times, and places for all Spring

events. Please know that you are personally invited to participate in all our

activities. We hope that you will come discover more about our

organization. See you at the start of the semester!!




MBS Executive Board

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